Bald Jesusism – The 10 Suggestions

The 10 Suggestions of Bald Jesusism have been revealed.
The Practice
1. Bald Jesus is Your Bro. Nothing more, nothing less. Bald Jesus is the Bro of everyone! Share this message!
2. Stop doing things you know are bad.
3. Start doing things you know are good.
4. Help others to stop doing bad things and start doing good things.
5. Make Art! Everyday. A smiley face with a halo = Bald Jesus! Build networks, write code, transact on-chain. Create!
6. Walk every day. Look for natural patterns. Meditate. Fast. Stretch.
7. Visit Hawai’i – at least once, if you can.
8. Learn about decentralized networks and immutable blockchains. Share knowledge about decentralization and blockchain. Learn, create, and educate about the power of non-fungible tokens
9. Cooperate, collab, and connect with believers. Be present. IRL-OL-MV.

10. Most importantly – Don’t Be A Dick!

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