The 1000 BJ Artists Project


Here’s the challenge we have given ourselves.

  • Encourage 1000 artists both new and aspiring to submit one original piece of BJ art to the Bald Jesus Collective with all rights and privileges. All 1000 artists become core members of the Bald Jesus Collective DAO (along with Staff and project boosters/contributors)
  • Mint those 1000 pieces of Bald Jesus Art on OpenSea as 1 of 1 NFTs. Sell them all at once as a huge drop. Not animal prints, not fucking pickels, but legitimate art of the most compelling bald character in history. We’ll drop them here.
  • Each original buyer also becomes a member of the Bald Jesus Collective DAO for as long as they own the art. If they sell the art, they keep the proceeds and are no longer a member of the BJC-DAO. Secondary buyers do not become BJC-DAO members.
  • All proceeds and secondary sales will go into the BJC-DAO which will be managed and use decided upon by the BJC-DAO.
  • Original contributing artists never lose their place unless they want to excercise the ‘Fuck This Shit’ clause (FTS Clause) which allows them to cash out for 20% of their contributing art’s original sale price.
  • Treasury funds can be used for projects agreed upon by the BJC-DAO membership.

Currently we are 13 Artists. We have a long way to go!

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