The Bald Jesus Theme Art Contest

Super Hero Bald Jesus Contest

We have an AMAZING new Bald Jesus by @DoMoreComics. It has inspired @Laurenn, myself and the other @moderators and @staff to start a new kind of community centered contest. For the moment, we are calling this contest (which will be ongoing) <drumroll> BALD JESUS CONTEST – I’ll circle back on that in a minute – first – here are the details of the contest.

Each week we will present a Bald Jesus Concept presented by the community. Over the next five days anyone can submit a BJ that represents that concept. These don’t have to be high art – they can be, but they can also be stick figures, caricatures, drawings that look like they were done in pre-school, abstract representations – there are no limits to the infinite possibilities of Bald Jesus.

The community will then vote on their favorites and the winner will be awarded with a limited mint of their art and a free copy of the SN#2 – these are actually like SN#1s because all of the #1s go to the BJC vault. So, in this case – the winner will recieve the #2 of this Amazing Bald Jesus by DoMoreComics. There will be four more copies available that we will award for other things – this hasn’t been decided yet, but we are thinking things like most posts in a week, funniest concept or best concept for the next week, most engaged tweet, etcetera. The whole point being to spur more engagement in our community, to bring new aspiring and established artists into the BJC fold, and to have a lot of fun.

The submitted art that doesn’t win will be minted as unlimited, affordable NFTs through NeftyBlocks.

I want to point out that this Amazing Bald Jesus is a true prize. We have put one on the marketplace at 100 Wax and that is it. Winners will have a true BJ gem.

This weeks theme will be (fittingly) SUPER HERO BALD JESUS

The contest starts now and submissions must be posted in the #bald-jesus-showcase channel by end of day Friday (HST). Submissions can also be sent to

Submissions must be new art but are free to use and play with previous BJ submissions or ideas.

Winner will recieve: #2 (of 10 total) Amazing Bald Jesus by DoMoreComics and have their BJ minted as an exclusive limited edition – which will form the basis of prizes the following week.

Side-contest winners will also have their BJs minted (not limited) and will win a copy of Amazing Bald Jesus will be:

1) Name this contest (better name than Bald Jesus Contest)

2) Most engaged and liked Tweet

3) Runner up BJ (second most voted submitted art)

4) Best new concept for next week’s contest

We will pick the winner solely on votes – so if you want to win, it makes sense to recruit your friends to join the Discord! In the event of a tie, I will cast the tie-breaking vote. As in all things here, please follow the BJ Rule i.e: Don’t Be A Dick

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